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ROTOR powermeters


Een volledig nieuw concept van powermeting. De sensoren, uitsluitend met meting aan de linker kant verkrijgbaar. Heel slim verwerkt in de 30mm crankstel as en dus prima beschermd tegen invloeden van buitenaf. Daarnaast is de batterij die ca. 300 uur mee gaat heel makkelijk zelf, vanaf de buitenkant, te verwisselen. Uiteraard ANT+ en tevens in zowel een road (3D+ en 3D30) als een MTB (REX serie) versie verkrijgbaar. Men heeft de ontwikkeling en praktijktests erg goed verborgen gehouden. De diverse modellen zijn bij ons, als premium powermeter dealer, vanaf begin mei uit voorraad en op bestelling leverbaar.

Verder gaan we zelf onze demo (Airstreeem) fietsen voorzien van deze powermeter. Ook gaan we deze nieuwe vermogensmeter koppelen en vergelijken met een SRM Rotor 3D+ systeem.

De nieuwe powermeters zijn compatibel met de volgende frames cq bottombrackets:

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  1. ROTOR INPower 3D+ single sensor 1x SALE 175mm

    ROTOR INPower 3D+ single sensor 1x SALE 175mm


    Knowledge is POWER

    ROTOR’s new INPOWER is at the leading edge of the power market, offering power intelligence as never seen before. It analyzes far more than just the power an athlete generates, allowing those that choose it to improve not only their strength and fitness, but also muscle balance and pedaling technique.

    Pedal smart

    When you’re competing at your maximum capacity, just trying to pedal harder isn’t going to get you ahead. True champions have to train and pedal smart.

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  2. ROTOR 2INPower MTB dual sensor

    ROTOR 2INPower MTB dual sensor

    ROTOR 2INpower 3D+ dual sensor

    The Rotor 2INpower uses four pairs of opposed strain gauges in its power meter, which it says cancels the effect of temperature changes, so that there’s no need to calibrate after the initial set-up.

    There are four strain gauges placed in the axle to measure left leg power output and four in the right crank for the right leg.

    Rotor 2INpower measures angular velocity around 500 times per rotation using an accelerometer, unlike some of its competitors which only measure at one or two points in the cranks’ rotation. This allows a much more detailed analysis of pedalling dynamics – particularly important if using its Q-rings.

    You can also connect the meter via BlueTooth smart to a tablet, which will allow you to analyse your pedal stroke. Something Rotor suggests is useful for working on technique and eliminating deadspots. In our experience, independent right/left leg power can be especially useful for riders with a history of single leg injuries.



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  3. ROTOR 2INPower DM

    ROTOR 2INPower DM

    2INpower DM Road

    Accurate power measurement and pedal stroke optimization are fundamental in the pursuit of  performance gains.

     Integration of power measurement technology at the core of the crankset design means 2INpower DM Road provide precise and comprehensive data to improve your pedalling performance.

     Higher data sampling rates are achieved by recording power via 4 sets of opposing gauges to measure left and right legs independently to provide precise data about your pedal stroke balance, power output, cadence and torque effectiveness.

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